>I know – rationally – that everyone is not pregnant, and that I am more aware of pregnancies and babies in general because we are ttc. But, there is a big part of me that thinks that really, I am not imagining things!

Someone I work with announced last that they are having a baby this winter. It bothered me more than usual…I suppose because I didn’t realize they wanted to have children. People could say the same thing about us, though, so I know I should let it go. The problem is that people at work will NOT stop talking about it. It’s like they are the first people on the planet to have a baby.

Then, another coworker announced they were having their third child, and they were really stunned by the whole thing.

Then, another person mention that another coworker is pregnant! Since I only work with about 35 people, it seems like a lot.

On Facebook, a few people I know are also pregnant. Only one of them bothers me, though, because she mentions being pregnant about 5 times a day in her posts.

One of our news anchors just had a baby. We decided to watch a different channel (not because of that – but for news coverage reasons) – and that news anchor is freaking pregnant, too! It’s crazy!

I try not to let it bother me, but today, we all had to talk about how one of my coworkers had to leave the meeting early to go to a prenatal appointment. I’m happy for him and everything, but do we all have to talk about it?

I know that there’s not a limited supply of pregnancies going around, and that these people being pregnant has nothing to do with the fact that I am not, but still…it definitely doesn’t help.

No one knows that we’re ttc. My mom has brought it up a few times, but it’s always in a way where I can’t really tell her without making her feel bad. When we filed our taxes in March, we owed money. I was telling her that everyone I know who doesn’t have children who is our age owes on their taxes. My mom said that there was an easy solution for that – have children! She was joking (although I’m sure there was a bit of truth in there), but I didn’t have the heart to respond ‘Not that easy – we’ve been trying since the fall!’

You would think that based on my previous experience, she would be more sensitive. Since they found something wrong with my ex toward the end of our treatment, though, she’s always had the idea that there is nothing wrong with me. I have to admit that when they found that he had an infection, I thought ‘ok, so that’s what the problem was.’ It wasn’t until later that it occured to me that he may not have had that infection for the 3 years we were ttc. Since he is remarried and ALSO having a baby any day now (I found out by accident), I can’t say I’m feeling entirely confident that the problem was all due to that infection. Regardless of what caused the problem, I think that once you have to deal with infertility, it’s hard to be optimistic – even if the circumstances change.

It’s hard to tell people that we’re trying to have children now. We didn’t tell them when we were excited, nervous, and scared about whether or not we were really ready, if it was the right time, the right decision…but it’s even harder now. I just keep hoping things will work out on their own.

And if/when they do, I will not constantly talk about it on Facebook!