>Thanks so much for the comments!

It seems like so many people are feeling a little ‘stuck’ right now…whether it’s because of the uncertainty of ttc and infertility, jobs, housing markets, or whatever else might be happening – feeling like you have the inability to progress and move in a desired direction is hard.

On the overall-geography-employment front, we’re still somewhat up in the air, but content. For a while, I was really opposed to moving…because of the housing market and the loss we would take on our place, and because the job market is horrible in my field right now. There’s also retirement money I would lose if we left within the next two years, and there’s the whole state-mandated insurance coverage for infertility testing and treatment where we currently live, too. It just seemed like moving would be such a BAD idea.

That may still be true, but we’re taking a different approach now. M and I are getting some materials together in case we want to apply for jobs, and that’s going to take a little while. Once that’s finished, we’ll just wait and see. If we really want to relocate, and if it’s feasible, maybe we will. Or, maybe we won’t – but at least we feel like we have a choice. It’s funny how perception can make things seem different, even when the situation remains the same. It might be something that we do down the road- maybe when the economy has (hopefully) recovered – or maybe we’ll take a risk and do it sooner. I think that M has especially benefited from feeling like relocating is an option – even if we choose not to do it right now.

I really appreciated the suggestions for my doctor’s appointment…I think some preliminary testing is probably a good idea. I had some testing done years ago when I was married to my ex-husband, but it’s been a while! I’ve considered calling my old RE to see if they still have my records and if I could get a copy of them, but I wonder if there’s even any point to that. I was a patient there in 2004, and things could have changed. Plus, I wonder if it would make things confusing now. I don’t know if I want a bunch of old records that also contain my ex-husbands results getting mixed into things now.

Surprisingly, I already got the peak symbol (or ‘the egg,’ as we call it) on my fertility monitor this morning! I was surprised…things are 2 days ahead of schedule – at least compared to last month. So, we’ll give it another try and hope for the best!