>After getting the peak fertility symbol on the monitor for two days, I knew yesterday would show up as a high fertility day. We meant to have sex last night (although to be honest, M is just not totally getting the whole low, high, peak situation and what it all means), but we were tired. Plus, M had a few drinks after work, and that didn’t help anything. He got home late, which is fine, but it makes us eat late, walk the dog late, and go to bed a little later than usual. It’s sort of funny, now that I think about it…we do the same things in essentially the same order, regardless of what else is going on. So if we get home an hour later than usual, everything is just off by an hour. It’s sort of odd, now that I think about it.

Back to last night… was hoping to give it one more shot, but I really wasn’t feeling motivated by the time 11 pm rolled around. We caught the first high day and both peak days, so hopefully we have it covered. The last high day would have been good, but whatever. I can’t drive myself crazy over that.

So now we wait! The waiting doesn’t bother me too much – until the last few days. Those are the days where my mind wanders and I alternate between optimism and total negativity. Luckily, I will be away on vacation during the second half of the 2ww this time. It’s a bit lame that I might have my period while on vacation, but at least I’ll be distracted!