>I remembered to take my bbt this morning (yay!) – 97.3.

I also remembered to pee in a cup for later testing. I put the cap on the small plastic container I planned to use and thought I would probably need to bring it to work. I was running late (again!), though, and turned the monitor on around 8:15. By then, it had finally advanced to the next day and was ready for a stick! I was super happy I didn’t have to bring my urine to work (a statement I never actually though I would say), and as I tried to pull the top off the container, I realized that this whole ‘bringing urine to work’ idea was really an accident waiting to happen! It was really tricky to get the top off, and I soooo didn’t want to spill it! I imagined trying to pry the top off in a stall of the women’s bathroom at work and throwing it all over myself – and I was so relieved I was able to do it at home! So, I think I’ll just have to be a little late until the testing period is over.