>I went in to work a little bit late again today and was able to get the testing with the fertility monitor all worked out – without having to bring my urine to work with me. I think that option is officially off the table!

It’s still reading as low, which doesn’t surprise me. I remembered to take my bbt this morning, too, which was a relief.

We decided last night that M would go get his SA done today. He’s being such a good sport about it! He has to bring it to a lab in a building he’s not familiar with (and it’s not my doctor’s office) , so we agreed he should call before going to figure out where to bring it. I have this somewhat frightening/disturbing/funny image of him walking around a big hospital building with a cup of semen in his hand. Hopefully, it goes smoothly for him! I’m primarily concerned about the timing…he’s doing to have to get it into the cup, get the dog situated, go to the lab, and find where to bring it, all while keeping it at the right temperature. Wish us luck!

We still haven’t told our families yet that we’ve been ttc. Most of the time, I think it’s a good thing, but part of me wants them to know. The problem is that were were not planning to try to have children when we got married. A year later, we felt the same way. Being 35, I think people sort of assumed we would continue to feel that way and stopped asking….which, is a good thing! The problem is that now, it’s not easy to bring up. Most of our friends don’t even know, except for a few. M tells more people about it than I do, probably because he gets asked more often if we’re planning to have kids (not sure why it works out that way, but it does). M is also just more open about it…when his co-workers ask him “when” we’re going to have kids, he tells them we’re trying. No one asks me, but if they did, I would probably say something less committal, like “we’ll see” or “maybe.” I wish I could be more like him, that way.

At work yesterday, someone announced that one of my coworkers was going to miss the meeting because he was at his wife’s ultrasound. Another coworker was excited to let us know that their ultrasound was the same day, too! Yay! Everyone in the meeting was quite excited about the whole thing, but it just irritates me. I’m happy for them – and I don’t wish them any ill-will – but at the same time, it’s a reminder of the congratulations and excitement that we don’t receive.

Maybe I should have told the group about how happy I was that I didn’t have to bring my urine to work (so that I can monitor my fertility, after screwing up the testing window because of being in a different time zone on vacation). I’ll take my small victories. 🙂