>I’m having a heck of a time dealing with my bbt chart! I feel like I just really screwed things up this month…it’s like I crumbled under the pressure of having to report back to my doctor! It’s so frustrating…because I know part of the problem is just that I made a few errors – on what ended up being crucial days. I just don’t feel like this cycle is a good example of what my body is usually doing (or not doing). It’s not that I think there’s nothing wrong with me, but I do think I’m ovulating.

I was going to skip the fertility monitor in August and only do the bbt (because I’m pretty sure I’ll be out of town and nowhere near M when I ovulate), but now I’m thinking I might do both. At least I can see how they line up. Maybe things will be better next cycle, and I can at least show the dr. something useful.

I’m a little confused about what will happen in August and September. I know I’m supposed to go in on CD 3 for bloodwork, but things get a little fuzzy after that. I know the dr. wants to see my bbt charts, and she wants to get an antral follicle count. When that’s supposed to happen, though, is a bit of a mystery. I know she wanted to get sort of the overall picture of what was going on (b/w, M’s SA, bbt charts, and the ultrasound), but I’m not 100% sure when all of this comes together. I supposed I’ll have to ask when I go in for my CD 3 b/w.

I’m nervous about my bloodwork and follicle count. When I last went for any kind of testing, I was 31. Now, I’m 35. I know it’s only four years, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s made a difference.

I was feeling mildly optimistic this cycle (I was hoping for one of those stories where you’re just about to start treatment when you find out you’re pregnant), but now I’m completely hung up on my bbt chart and not even really knowing if I ovulated. I’m guessing I did…and in that case, I would guess I am in the 2ww. Luckily, we are going away for the weekend – so I won’t be able to sit and stare at my chart and will it to look differently.