>I signed up for IComLeavWe this morning. I meant to yesterday, but then I forgot to do it when I got home from work. Hopefully, I wasn’t too late!

I’m about mid-way through the 2ww, and I’m happy my temps have straightened themselves out a bit for the chart I’ll have to give to my doctor. I’m finally remembering to do it when I wake up, and I’m finding it possible (although not always easy) to not obsess about it.

When I was away with friends last weekend, I was really stunned by the number of people they mentioned that we grew up with who not only have a child, but two children! Sometimes, I forget that it’s easy for other people to become pregnant and have a baby. When I find out someone is pregnant, I don’t (usually) have any way of knowing how long it took them or how much they had to endure to get there. When I see or hear that someone is pregnant with #2, though, I always seem to be surprised. I think that especially since this is my second time dealing with infertility (I tried to have a child with me ex-husband, without success), I feel like it’s just a way of life now. When M. and I decided to start trying, I already knew there were no guarantees. When I hear about people my age having baby #2, though, the sting is greater. It’s not that I wish to deprive them of having more than one child, but it is somehow shocking to me that someone could actually get pregnant and have a child – twice! When getting to one is so difficult, two seems really beyond reach.

It’s also a reminder of time passing by. I hope that some day I am surprised by my own luck, instead of the luck of others.