>I have no idea why I just noticed this, and I almost wish I didn’t, but I just realized that I spelled “again” incorrectly when I set up my blog! It’s been almost two months, and I only noticed today. That is going to drive me crazy! There’s no going back now, so maybe I’ll start writing about infertility and lack of attention to detail. 🙂

I had plans to write something today, but I am drawing a complete blank because of my typo.

One thing I have been thinking about a lot is exercise. My weight is “good,” according to my dr., but I’m a little on the heavy side for me. I would like to lose 5 lbs. Even the W.ii F.it says I should lose 7 lbs…because while my B.M.I. is normal, it’s on the high side of normal. I know…what am I complaining about, then?

The problem is that if I am not pregnant this cycle, my dr. will start to come up with a treatment plan for me. My guess is that the first thing we’ll do is Clomid. I have been on Clomid before (in my previous marriage), and it actually worked fairly well for me. They felt I realeased two eggs each time I was on it, and my lining was fine. I had a hcg trigger shot, too, which this current dr. may skip. Anyway, my point is that I was on it before, and when I was – I gained weight.

It came right off within 2 months of taking it, but still…I want to lose 5 lbs now, and I will likely gain 5-8 lbs on Clomid. If I could lose my 5 lbs now, I would have a better place to start from. I eat a really healthy and low-saturated fat diet, so I can’t cut much there. I really just need to exercise. We walk our dog for 20 minutes every day, but I need more intensity (or quantity) to lose weight. That leads me to wonder…how much exercise is really ok when ttc?