>After my depressing post yesterday, I feel like I have a fresh perspective. Nothing is different…but the sun is shining, and its Friday. My temp is still high and AF has not showed up yet, but I’m not terribly optimistic. I hope that my body at least does me the favor of waiting until tomorrow or Sunday for AF to begin, because I have a dentist appt. today and also have to get my CD3 b/w this month. I’ve always assumed that the day AF arrives is CD1 (someone please correct me if I am wrong!), and my dr.’s office is closed on Sunday. They said it’s not a big deal if I get the b/w on CD4 instead, if CD3 does happen to fall on a Sunday, but I would rather it be on the correct day. So, hopefully my body will cooperate…and if it won’t give me a baby right now, at least make it possible to get b/w on the right day. I’m trying to be positive, though, and am thinking thoughts like ‘come on body, we can do this!’ 🙂 What “this” is could mean getting pregnant or just cooperating in general…but I’ll take what I can get.

TGIF, everyone!