>I suspected AF was arriving any day (or minute), but I was really hoping it would at least hold off until Saturday to allow for CD3 b/w on Monday. Luckily, that part worked out. Unfortunately, I woke up at 5 am with pretty bad cramps, but at least it didn’t happen on Friday. That would have been irritating.

Yesterday was not the best day…I went to the dentist, found out I had a cavity, realized I had to pay upfront because the state dental insurance company is so slow to pay out, had cramps, found out that the scheduled maintenance on my car cost about 6 times what I was hoping for, and got a bill for M’s SA. It says on the bill that his policy doesn’t cover fertility testing. I’m assuming it’s because the parent company where is works is based in CA, and they are the ones who offer insurance (we live in a state with mandated coverage for fertility testing, but there are exceptions – like a parent company based in another state). I’m really glad I have my own insurance!!!

I had a nice night, though…made homemade pizzas on the grill (with my own dough!), relaxed, and had some delicious wine. I still have cramps today, but I’m glad at least to be moving on and getting some testing. August will be kind of screwed up, anyway, because I’ll be out of town right when I should be ovulating. So, we’ll really be on a break in August and should have some kind of a plan for September (or October at the latest).