>I updated my blog today…I think it’s a big improvement! It makes me happy when I see it – and that’s good!

I went to my doctor’s office this morning for my CD3 bloodwork, and they got me in and out in a snap! That made me super happy, because I know it’s something I’ll have to keep doing. Since this isn’t an RE – and my only experience was with an RE (in my previous marriage) – I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I’ve been doing some thinking lately about my experience with the RE I saw five years ago, and I hope that if I do need to see an RE in the future, it isn’t like the one I saw in the past. Whenever I’ve talked about my previous experiences with infertility, I’ve always told people how it was so stressful, unpleasant, etc. Of course, that’s true no matter what, but I really think that my ex-husband and the RE I was seeing made it worse. I know part of it is just the way RE’s work, but to me, that doesn’t make it acceptable. The amount of time to wait for bloodwork and ultrasounds was rediculous (1-2 hours, first thing in the morning), and I didn’t like their approach to treatment. Before any kind of testing, they decided we would do Clomid + IUI for 3 cycles, followed by injections + IUI. We did some testing while in treatment, but I never really knew the results. I would ask, and they would tell me that unless I was told otherwise, to assume that things were fine. When I asked specifically about the S/A, they said the same thing. Two months later, during my second IUI (I was already laying on the table), the nurse (or whoever did the procedure) told me that the chances of the IUI working were like 2% because my ex-husband had serious problems with his sprem. They thought he had an infection, because many of them in the sample he gave were dead, formed improperly, and swimming the wrong way. There weren’t many of them, either. Apparently, this was also true the month before, and in the sample he gave, but no one told me until then. It was the worst one yet, but it seems like someone should have addressed it earlier…or not even planned for treatment until that was dealt with (he has since had a child, so I am assuming it was correctable).

I like to know what’s going on, and I like to have a plan. If I have tests, I want to know the results. So far, I am happy with my doctor. No, the treatment isn’t as aggressive as if I were seeing an RE, but she seems thorough. M. Did his S/A a couple of weeks ago, and I did my bloodwork today. I’m not sure what the plan will be, but I’m optimistic that I’ll have a better experience than I did in my previous marriage. M. is such a great, positive, and supportive husband, and I really like my doctor and her office. I’m comfortable there, and I don’t think I’ll have any problems asking questions – and getting answers. I may need to see an RE down the road, but for now, I think this is a good step for us.