>I called my doctor on Friday, because I realized I wasn’t entirely sure what I was supposed to be doing once I finish my second bbt chart. Since I haven’t dropped any charts off yet, I understood that we were still in the information gathering stage, but I was feeling a little bit confused about what would happen after that. I wanted to know how our results looked so far, and I wanted to make sure she was seeing the results of the b/w and S/A as it rolled in. It is a good sized practice, after all, and I didn’t want to get lost in the shuffle.

It was also a good way to see how responsive the office would be…although I didn’t think about that at the time.

I called on Friday, and they took a message and said a nurse would call me back. I got a call back in about a half hour, and the nurse explained that they did have all my results, but that my doctor was out. She said that it looked like everything had come back as normal, but that the doctor would call me (actually, I have terrible cell phone coverage in my new building, and I only had to guess that was what she said).

I had a meeting this morning and didn’t hear my phone, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that my doctor had called at 8:30 am! I was happy to see they we so responsive!

She said in the message that my tests looked good – everything was normal! So that was good news. I would like to know what my FSH was out of curiosity, but I’ll just have to ask. It’s a relief – although not a huge one, since I had a lot of the b/w in the past (and I had a feeling M. would be ok). Things could have changed in 4-5 years, though, so I was still glad to see it was normal. It would be great to get more specifics, but I can ask her when I’m there.

She did clear up my confusion, too…she wants two charts (I thought it was just one, but two does make more sense), and then I will talk to her in September.

I liked that she called me and gave me so much information in the message. She can be abrupt and almost a little abrasive, but she’s not unkind or unapproachable. I feel like she’s paying attention.

So, I’ll keep charting away! I thought this month would be a wash, but I realized it might be worth a shot. My cycles have been short lately, so I ovulated on CD 14 last month (or CD 15 – it’s a little hard to say because of my chart problems). I got the peak on the CBFM on CD 13. It would be great if things went that way this cycle, because then we would a shot at it. I am going away on CD 14, but there’s always the night before and the morning. You never know, right? 🙂