>I was really hoping my fertility monitor would show a “high” today (CD 13), but no such luck. It’s still “low,” which is too bad. It could jump to peak tomorrow, so you never know. I was hoping maybe I would ovulate tomorrow, but I think I am out of luck. It’s a bit of a disappointment, since tomorrow morning is my last chance to see M. before I go out of town for a week. Granted, the last 10 or 11 times we’ve tried this didn’t result in the much-desired BFP, but I was still hopeful.

I know that my sleeping schedule is also going to get a little screwed up Friday and Saturday night, which is probably going to screw up my bbt chart. I was hoping I could have ovulated before the weekend, so that the screw up would have less of an impact. It’s so aggravating…Two months in a row, I have things going on that I can’t get out of – that involve at least some alcohol – and that will affect my sleep – right at the same time I’m ovulating. The last two months have just been unusually busy (friends moving away, friends getting married, etc.), but these are the months my doctor is going to see. Oh well…what can you do? At least my chart is off to a better start than it was last month – and even that one ended up ok.

My guess is that I’ll ovulate over the weekend and that AF will arrive somewhere around the 26th or 27th. If I bring my charts in to the doctor then, I would assume we would go in at some point after that to talk about our next steps. I’m guessing that we would start some form of treatment the following cycle, which would probably be mid/end-September. It’s definitely a slow process!