>I forgot one thing when I have my random update yesterday.

I ovulated SO late this cycle…on CD21. That puts me at 7 dpo now.

About a year ago, I was having long cycles like this…averaging around 32-35 days instead of 28. I’m glad I’m charting my bbt’s now, because I know not to get too excited when AF is late. That happened last year, and it was one of the more upsetting months. At least now I know not to expect anything until next week.

I don’t know if the difference was from traveling, or if it was because I stopped taking evening primrose oil (I was only taking it from AF -> O, but I stopped completely now). If it’s the EPO, that’s a really strange affect.

The plus side of the whole thing is that I ended up ovulating on the day that I saw M., so we at least had a shot. I don’t know how good our chances really are, but at least it’s a chance!