>AF started in the middle of the night last night. Some fairly serious cramping woke me up, and then it was hard to go back to sleep (even after taking ty.lenol). I have to say that it’s bad enough to have AF arrive, but it does annoy when it interrupts my sleep. It’s like adding insult to injury!

So, we’re on to another cycle. I have my two completed bbt charts now, so I can drop them off at the doctor’s office. I’ll see what she has to say and then go from there. Of course, everything is up in the air with applying for new jobs and possibly moving, so I don’t know how far we’ll get. I feel somehow at peace with the whole thing, though. I do get a little queasy when I think about moving – leaving my nice home that I put so much effort into, not knowing where we’ll be or what will happen – but I do feel at peace on the ttc front. Lately, it’s like we’ve been swimming upstream and trying so hard to make things work…trying to get pregnant when it isn’t happening, M. trying to like his job when he hates it, me trying to stay optimistic when I am losing my job, trying to stay where we live now, even though things don’t seem to be working out. My family doesn’t help – saying that if we had kids, M’s job wouldn’t matter to him so much, that I’ll find another job eventually, that of course I’ll get pregnant at some point. It like our problems aren’t really problems to them.

We don’t know if we’ll end up moving or not and if we’ll end up having children or not, but at least I feel like we’re exploring all our options. We’ll see where we end up.