>Things are relatively quiet here. It’s CD 14, but my fertility monitor is still reading as high, instead of peak. That’s similar to last month, so it’s not surprising. I am really liking the combination of bbt and the fertility monitor…it’s like getting a warning and then confirmation!

My doctor’s appointment is on Thursday, so hopefully she will have some advice about a plan or whether or not I should be seeing a specialist. I know a lot of people would say I should go to an RE, but I am going to see how they would handle things at the OB/Gyn’s office. If they’ll do some kind of monitoring, I would be fine with staying there. If they don’t, though, then I think I would need to move on. My insurance will cover it either way, but I would need a referral.

Things seem to be moving along well on the job front, but only time will tell. It’s a little scary to think about being in a new job and getting fertility treatment, but I don’t feel like I can put it off forever. I keep thinking “I’m already 35,” but then I realize I am already halfway to 36. Where does the time go?

Things are good, overall. It’s rainy and dreary, but I feel optimistic.