>Hello to everyone who is here from ICLW! I signed up super late – I think at the last possible minute – so thank you for not penalizing a procrastinator. 🙂

A little background about me…
M and I have been married for almost 2.5 years, and we are both in our mid-30’s. This is a second marriage for both of us (I actually went through some fertility testing and treatment with my previous husband, too). We have been ttc for just over a year, and I will most likely start Clomid in a few days. I’m seeing an Ob/Gyn and haven’t moved on to an RE yet. I live in a small-ish college town, and there is only one RE within driving distance. My dr. seems like they’re willing do to some monitoring (not on Clomid – only with injectables), so I am going to see how it goes. They only want to use Clomid for 1-2 cycles.

So far, we have unexplained infertility. All my blood work and everything came back normal, and M’s SA was great. I had a lot of tests when I saw an RE in my previous marriage, and at that time, they though the problem was that my ex. He has some kind of infection that game him a terrible count, motility, and morphology. He now has a child, though, so it seems like there was more to it than that!

I don’t expect results for Clomid, but at least it’s a start.

Thanks for stopping by!