>I woke up a million times last night with cramps, so I was sure I would wake up this morning to find AF had arrived. I was wrong, but it’s on its way. I took a pregnancy test to be sure, and it was negative. I wasn’t disappointed, because I figured that’s what it would be. I kind of needed to know, though, because we are going out of town tonight for a wedding tomorrow. It will be so nice to get away! The other issue is that I have to fill my Clomid prescription, and I didn’t want to bother if I didn’t need it! I am thinking today (at some point) will be CD1, so Sunday will be CD3. That’s the day I need to start taking it, so I want to fill it before we go (just in case we have any problems with flights on the way back!).

I have to admit I had a small (tiny) hope that maybe I would be one of those people you hear about…the last natural cycle, all set to start taking fertility medications, and I get pregnant! I didn’t hold out much hope, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t cross my mind.

I think the cycle will be fairly laid back. It’s only 50mg, and we are just doing timed intercourse. It’s really just a “better than nothing” kind of approach while I wait for my insurance approval. I would be thrilled if it worked, but I am not expecting a lot.