>I took my second dose of Clomid last night, and I have been feeling ok overall. I think that the last time I took it, it was more like 100 or 150 mg, and I am pretty sure I took it for ten days (followed by a trigger shot). I remember feeling kind of lousy, but they were also getting concerned about having too many follicles. They started talking about selective reduction, which was kind of ironic since my ex-husband’s sperm was all screwed up in the first place. I still can’t believe they didn’t think to mention that until my second IUI! Anyway – so far, this is much better. I hope it keeps going ok. I decided to keep doing my bbt, just to see how it goes, and I’m still using the clearblue fertility monitor to see when I might ovulate. I know those machines are expensive, but it is so worth it! I think it’s so much easier than dealing with opk’s.

Hopefully, I will keep feeling ok! One of M’s concerns through all this is my health and overall well-being. If it’s too hard on me, I know he won’t want to keep pursuing treatment. It’s good that I have felt mostly ok so far.

At some point, I’ll have to decide what we want to do for the next cycle. My insurance isn’t covering anything yet, but Clomid was only $18. Since we aren’t doing an IUI, the whole cycle pretty much costs $18. It’s possible my insurance will approve everything within the next few weeks, so I may have the option of moving on to injectibles after this cycle. If I feel ok for the rest of the cycle, though, I might be tempted to give Clomid one more chance. I don’t want to drag things out, but I want to enjoy the holidays, too. I guess I just have to wait and see!