>- I need to stop eating so much leftover Halloween candy

– I feel a little bloated

– I bet I will feel really bloated in another week

– I hope I am offered a job to replace the one I am losing in a few months

– I can’t believe I had to turn down a job interview in another state (because of the job market in M’s field right now)

– I need to do my new (low-impact) exercise video when I get home

– I also need to go to the store and make chicken chili

– I bet I won’t do my new exercise video, after making the chili

– I wonder if I should try Clomid again, or move on to injections

– I wonder when I should switch from my ob/gyn to the only RE in town (who actually lives in another state 2 hours away and has practices in both locations)

– I wonder what my insurance will cover, and why they have to make it so confusing

– I wonder if I’ll ever have children

– I wish some things were just easier