>We had such a great weekend…the weather was fantastic, and it felt like we were gone much longer than two days. We had some amazing meals, went shopping, and spent way too much money, but now we are back to reality. 🙂

My shopping was somewhat limited because of my swollen abdomen, but I was able to buy some cute tops for work. I finally got the peak on my monitor on Saturday morning, which was a relief! My ovaries felt a little achey all day on Saturday and a little bit on Sunday, but it’s better today. My abdomen isn’t sticking out quite as far, but it’s still not like it was before the cycle started. I’m starting to wonder if part of the issue is that I have just put on weight, but it’a hard to say for sure.

I screwed up my bbt over the weekend. We stayed up quite late and slept late, too, so my temperature was higher than it should have been. I didn’t even bother with it on Sunday. It was crazy high today, though – 98 degrees – so I definitely ovulated over the weekend. I’m guessing it was yesterday, because I almost always O on the second peak day, and it couldn’t be today because my temp. was already high this morning. There’s a small possibility it could have been Saturday, but I suppose the fact that I know I ovulated within a 2-day range is what’s important.

It will be interesting to see how my bbt is for the rest of the cycle. My temp. doesn’t usually go up so high right after ovulation, so I’m hoping this is a good thing. The temperature shift was much more dramatic than when I ovulate on my own, which I’m assuming means I had a stronger ovulation. I’m a little bit hopeful, but I’m mentally prepared for AF to arrive, too. I’ll be disappointed if this didn’t work, but I would feel enormously lucky if it were this easy.