>I really don’t have much new to report…I’m still going crazy at work and am hoping this weird phase I’m in ends soon. I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I just keep telling myself it will work out.

Since things have been so crazy at work, we decided to do a second Clomid cycle, instead of moving on to injections. I’m afraid that working in three different departments who all want 20 hours of my time won’t mesh well with additional monitoring appointments. So, I’ll do another easy Clomid cycle before moving on (assuming this cycle wasn’t a success). If that cycle is also unsuccessful, I think we may have to pass on fertility treatment in December. Unless things line up differently than I’m thinking they will, we’ll be out of town for Christmas when I would need to have an ultrasound and bloodwork. At first, I was sort of disappointed that we should have to ‘skip’ a cycle, but I’m over it. I certainly can’t control the calendar!

So, assuming I am still not pregnant in January, we would start injectables then. Way to ring in the new year! 🙂 I still have some decisions to make about when I should switch to an RE (since my ob/gyn does monitoring and everything), but I’ll save that for another day.