>This isn’t IF-related, but I wanted to post my Thanksgiving menu:

Endive, Stilton, and Walnuts Salad
Turkey with Herbs de Provence and Citrus (and gravy)
Stuffing with Celery,Craisins, and Apply
Roasted Root Vegetables
Brussels Sprouts with Orange and Cranberry Brown Butter
Mashed Potatoes

For dessert, Gingerbread Squares with Honey Marscapone Cheese

I hope it’s good!

I picked up my Clomid prescription yesterday, and I’ll start taking it tomorrow. I didn’t have too many side effects last time, so I am hoping it is the same this time. The biggest issue was that my abdomen was so swollen, and I am guessing that will happen again! I put on a pair of pants this morning, and they were a little bit too big. I’m sure I’ll be glad for that in a few weeks!