>I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

I was so consumed with the turkey, cooking, and entertaining my in-laws that I was hardly able to participate in ICLW. 😦 I think I am going to pass on the next one, and pick it back up when the holidays are over.

We had a fun but busy week! I hardly even paid attention to the fact that I was taking Clomid, which was nice. I started to feel kind of icky on Saturday, which would have been CD 8. I think the same thing happened last month, too. I didn’t feel horrible, but I was sleepy and a little queasy. My tummy started sticking out, too – which is also just like last month! The Thanksgiving Day meal probably didn’t help much, either. I didn’t feel great yesterday, and I’m about the same today. It’s not unbearable, just sort of an all around ick. It’s the last time I’ll be taking Clomid, though, and it really hasn’t been too bad overall.

We didn’t end up telling my in-laws that we’re ttc or have started fertility treatments. It was hard to bring up – and even when I hinted at things like having kids, they either didn’t pick up on it or really just don’t want to know. I think I said something about ‘if we have kids…,’ and I was thinking maybe they would follow it up with a question about whether or not we were thinking about it. They didn’t, though, and there wasn’t really a good way to bring it up. M wanted them to know since my parents know, but it just didn’t happen. Maybe we can eventually skip all that and just give them some good news!