>Well, my temp. wasn’t horribly high today, so I’m not entirely sure what’s going on. It’s sort of strange…the monitor is still saying “high,” so I suppose you never know. But at CD 18, it’s getting kind of late. This is so unusual for me! I suppose the monitor could have missed the surge, and I could wake up with a temp spike any day now. Ovulating on CD 19 or 20 would be late, but possible. It’s just a little strange. I’m beginning to hope that I ovulate at all this month…if I don’t, things would definitely be going in the wrong direction.

I did ovulate once a few months ago on CD 21, so I guess anything is possible. That was unusual, because I usually ovulate between CD 15-18. I sort of thought that being on Clomid would override my body a little bit, but I have been on a pretty low dose. I guess only time will tell. It’s disconcerting, though.

Someone sent an email out with photos of my coworker’s new baby today. I’m happy for him, but hearing about how happy they are and seeing their pictures is not easy. I want to be optimistic that I will have the same experience some day, but it’s hard. I keep wondering how long it can take to fix something when no one even knows what’s wrong in the first place.