>Well, my temp. has remained high, so I’m confident that I ovulated and my monitor just missed it. That’s never happened, but it’s only the second time I used it while taking Clomid. I’m soooo glad I decided to continue taking my bbt, or I would be totally in the dark and freaking out, thinking I didn’t ovulate. I’m still a little weary of the two really high temperatures, but I’m guessing I either ovulated on CD 18 or 15. CD 15 obviously looks correct, but I had some wine, didn’t sleep all that great, etc. I guess I’ll know when (or “if,” if I want to be optimistic) Af arrives. My LP is never longer than 12 days, so then I’ll really know. I felt like I ovulated on CD 15, though, so maybe it’s correct after all.

I’m SO bloated, which is really lame. My abdomen got kind of swollen when I was taking Clomid and before I ovulated, and it went away for a few days after that. Now, though, it is back with a vengeance! It is literally sticking out, and I can’t wear this new shirt I got because it’s too snug. I know I sound like such a whiner, and I wouldn’t mind if I was actually pregnant, but I find it so aggravating to have a swollen abdomen with the potential of having nothing inside. If there a baby in there, it would be ok…but if there’s not, I would prefer to not look pregnant.

The a.m. radio show stuck again this morning. They often present different questions or topics and ask people to call in with their responses and experiences. Because of the demographic, I understand that the majority are focused on family dilemmas. It’s not all of them, but probably more than half. Even though I don’t have a child, they’re somewhat interesting or entertaining. The focus on pregnancy, though, is beginning to get to me. I posted a while ago about one morning where people called in and talked about creative ways that they told their families they were pregnant. Another time, they asked people to call in about baby names – and specificially, situations where a family member used the name you thought you might want to use down the road. Today, they focused on pregnancy symptoms.

I feel like it’s a little bit over the top. First of all, they said something like ‘If you want to have a family, you pretty much have to get pregnant.’ I have so many issues with that…What about people who choose to adopt? What about people who want to have a family, but haven’t been able to get pregnant? They made it sound so simple – want a family, get pregnant!

The did say something after that like ‘of course, you could adopt,’ but I thought the way they introduced the topic was insulting (and I don’t even want to adopt right now!). The show went on, with lots of women calling in to talk about all their crazy pregnancy symptoms, how they varied from one pregnancy to the next, and how you can blame so many crazy symptoms on pregnancy. It was not what I wanted to hear on a Friday morning.

One of the morning radio show hosts is pregnant, so I understand to an extent. I don’t expect her to never mention it, but to have three separate call-in shows about it seems extreme. They have another call-in segment where they have a doctor respond to a listener’s question (that was usually submitted anonymously). I’m really considering writing them a letter. I think they should address infertility in one of the segments to increase awareness. No, it’s not a fun or funny topic, but hearing about pregnancy symptoms all morning on the radio isn’t fun for those of us who haven’t been able to have a child, either.