>I haven’t been posting much, which is unfortunate, because I have so many thoughts in my head that I would like to get down. Work is crazy, though, and I am consumed by all the things I meant to do for the holidays and haven’t had time to yet.

I think part of the problem is that I’m so not feeling it this year. I just don’t feel like celebrating the holidays, and doing things like writing Christmas cards and shopping are not helping. They all just feel like tasks.

I think I do a fairly good job of staying positive and not focusing on infertility most days. But now, at 10 DPO, and with the holidays right around the corner, I feel like it’s taking a little bit of a toll. I don’t feel like the holidays should be here already, and I definitely don’t feel like this should be the second Christmas where I am wondering when I’ll ever get pregnant. Time is passing quickly, but at the same time, I’m standing still.