>My temp. dropped two days ago, so I already knew this cycle wasn’t going to be a success. That almost never happens…it usually stays high until the bitter end…so I sort of appreciated the heads up. If was mildly disappointing, but I sort of knew I wasn’t pregnant anyway. I started spotting and had cramps this morning, so it’s only a matter of time.

The whole unexplained infertility situation is so confusing. I keep wondering why these treatments will work, when no one knows what problem they are trying to address. My cycle is like clockwork…my ovulation date varies by a few days, but my lp is always 11-12 days. I have ovulated at least once a month for the past year and a half, so I wonder how much medication that helps me ovulate is really going to help. I’m not saying that I’m ready to throw in the towel, but it does not leave me feeling optimistic.

I’m not taking anything away from people who have irregular cycles or don’t ovulate on their own – I’m sure that’s got to be extremely frustrating. It’s more that there seems to be some kind of flaw in the whole approach to the problem, when you’re taking medications that may not even address the underlying issue. It could be my age, I suppose, but that isn’t really a cause to me. Besides, I’m 35, and I know tons of people who have no issue getting pregnant at 35 (or any other age)!

Luckily, we are taking a month off. I thought I would find it discouraging and frustrating to take a break, but instead, I am looking forward to it! I’m not going to take my bbt, fertility monitor, or anything, and I’m just going to enjoy the freedom of not thinking about it, not being tired (Clomid made me so tired, for some reason), and not being bloated (Clomid, again). I’m going to make a few calls to find out what I’ll need to do for my next cycle with injectables, but aside from that, I am going to just enjoy my life with my husband.

I may not be around a lot over the next few days, as we prepare to travel for the holiday, but I wish everyone a happy holiday!