>Sorry I have been absent lately! We had a great holiday and had tons of fun visiting my family! We got back on Tuesday, but we’ve been cleaning and just hanging around. M and I are both on vacation, so we’ve been spending a lot of time just having fun and relaxing.

I was really happy to see my friends and family, but dealing with infertility is definitely more of a struggle there. My parents are pretty good about it, but they really don’t understand. They don’t say anything horribly insensitive, and that’s all I can really ask for. They did make a few comments to my sister-in-law about having another child. She got pregnant really easily, so I suppose they can say things like that, but it makes it obvious that they can’t say those kind of things to me. I don’t think my sister in law appreciates it, either, but that’s really the only thing they said that bothered me – and it only bothered me a little bit. My SIL also tries, although she doesn’t understand, either. She kept telling me about her friend who spent $50,000 in unsuccessful IVF cycles, and then adopted (which she said cost another $50,000). I know she’s just trying to relate, but that’s not helpful or encouraging! My mom still says there’s ‘nothing wrong with me,’ and I have to constantly remind her that there is something – they just don’t know what it is. If there was nothing wrong, I would be pregnant already! She does try, though, and she asks me good questions (like how certain medications work, what is the next step) without being invasive. She usually doesn’t ask me anything unless I being it up, which is nice.

I also saw one of my friends who is about 7 months pregnant. That wasn’t easy either, but I got through it. She’s one of my best friends, so I wanted to see her, but it was still draining. My friends there (where I grew up) are probably the worst to deal with when it comes to IF, because they don’t know anyone else who has had to deal with it. My friends from college are a little bit better, but my high school friends are pretty clueless. I know they all mean well, so I try to keep that in mind.

Even with the frequent reminders of our struggle to have a child, it was a good trip. I have loved being on vacation and spending lots of time with M, and it’s been great to have a break from medication, temping, and OPKs. Even without monitoring anything, I’m pretty sure I ovulated this weekend, so AF should arrive in a little less than two weeks. I can’t help but hope that I’ll get pregnant on my own this month, but if not, I’m ready to start injections. I really hope that I get pregnant in 2010!