>When I was on Clomid last month and the month before, my abdomen was really sticking out. I didn’t eat too poorly, but it was tough to exercise. While I was taking Clomid, I didn’t feel terrible, but not fantastic. Up until I ovulated, I felt sort of sore and swollen, so I didn’t do much then, either. Throughout the whole month, I walked about 20 minutes a day, but that’s about it. Both cycles, my abdomen swelling went away almost completely after ovulation, and then by the time AF came, my tummy was small again (it was one redeeming quality of AF).

It was nice to have my small tummy over the holidays, especially since I wasn’t going home with any news of pregnancy. My pregnant friend even sounded a little jealous, saying ‘you look skinny!’ (I’m really not all that skinny at all, but she’s in her 8th month of pregnancy).

Anyway, this week, my big tummy is back. I wasn’t on Clomid, though, so it is super annoying. AF should arrive next week, so it might be bloating – or just weight gain from everything I ate over the holidays. I have been eating really well since I got back, but it’s impossible to exercise outside when it’s below zero with the wind chill! I did some Wii fit on Monday and Tuesday, but I know I need to do more. At the same time, though, I want to form a habit of doing exercises that I can continue next month while on injections. A lot of the things that would whip me into shape aren’t ideal for someone who is ttc – especially someone who will have swollen ovaries. Any suggestions? I’m planning to walk on the treadmill on weekends (we live in a condo and have a treadmill in the clubhouse), but I need something I can do at home after work (I feel bad leaving my dog at home after working all day). Any suggestions? I love yoga, but I don’t think I’ll be able to handle the twisting on injections.

I’m frustrated by my tummy, and I am hungry, which isn’t helping! That little ‘maybe you’re pregnant’ whisper entered my mind last night, but really, I think that’s just wishful thinking. I’m sure that next week, AF will arrive, and I’ll realize that really, I was just hungry and bloated.