>Well, I hate to say it, but I am already behind on this month’s ICLW! I had to go out of town for work on Tuesday and didn’t get back until last night. That, combined with two 12-hour work days in a row, didn’t really leave a lot of time for posting and commenting. But, now I’m back! Welcome to those of you who are new, and thank you to all for stopping by.

Here’s a little (condensed) background about me-
I’m 35, and my husband (M.) and I have been ttc for over a year (I think it’s around a year and four months, give or take). So far, we have unexplained infertility. This is my second marriage, and I went through quite a bit of testing with an RE with my previous husband (we also did two cycles of Clomid/IUI). I’m currently seeing an ob/gyn, but she seems like she’ll do a lot more than your average ob/gyn, in terms of treatment. I had been thinking about moving on to an RE, but I think I am going to stick with her for now. I’m meeting with her next week, so I’ll see how I feel after that. I’m also thinking about trying acupuncture. We’ve done two cycles of Clomid, and I believe the plan is to move on to injectables next cycle.

Welcome! 🙂