>So, I saw my dr. this afternoon, and it went well. The nurse was surprised by my stellar lab work, which would be great except for the fact that it doesn’t really help me. She said even my cholesterol is great (I swear they tested me for everything under the sun)! She talked about the possibility of running more tests, but since I saw an RE in my previous marriage, it’s sort of awkward. I already had a HSG and a test where they looked at my uterus, but it’s been a while. The nurse went back and forth about the possibility of repeating those tests, and then talked about my medication options. It was essentially more Clomid or Femara and Follistim. Eventually, my dr. came in and said she thought Femara/Follistim was the way to go. So, that’s the deal! I’m supposed to take Femara cd 3-7, and then start Follistim. She said I’ll take that until they tell me to stop, but said to schedule an u/s for somewhere around CD 12-14. I’m also supposed to get a shot of HCG, which they’ll administer at the office.

Overall, I think it was good. It’s mildly frustrating to have no one know why I’m not getting pregnant, but I’m glad my dr. is taking a somewhat aggressive approach. I try to keep reminding myself that having good hormone levels is a good thing, and that we’re doing all we can. I love how much time the nurse and dr. spent with me, and that makes me glad that we’re sticking with my ob/gyn for now.

Now I just have to start making phone calls to see where I should get all this stuff! My prescription plan is a little weird, so wish me luck!