>As some of you know, I was notified a few months ago that I was going to be laid off in March. I was lucky enough to get a new job with another department a month or so ago, right before a hiring freeze was issued. I am really fortunate, because most of my old coworkers are still out of work.

It’s been a trying couple of months. We thought about relocating, but things didn’t work out with a new job for M. Both the industries we work in have been affected greatly by the economy, so there aren’t many opportunities for either of us. He only applied for two jobs, but when they didn’t work out, we decided to stay. We live in an area (like most people) where home values are down, so we can’t sell our home right now. That, on top of the fact that I have one more year to be vested in my retirement plan (and can leave with my employer’s contribution) and that we live in a state that mandates fertility coverage, means that staying where we are is the right thing to do. It just doesn’t always mean that we’re thrilled about it.

My new job is fine, but it’s hard to imagine what it will lead to. I had a job where I was using my master’s degree, and I was getting a lot of great experience. I was meeting people in my field, and I even got to be the official reviewer for a book related to my field (my name is on it!). So, it’s been hard to switch gears and do something else. It’s especially hard because I feel like I don’t have a choice. I saw the perfect job last night – 30 hours a week, working primarily from home, on projects related to my field. I was and still am sooo tempted. The problem is the job is based in another state, so I would lose my fertility coverage. M has insurance, too, but his company is based in another state, and his insurance doesn’t cover anything fertility-related. I would most likely make less money, would lose my employer’s contribution to my retirement (4 years worth of $), and would lose my fertility coverage. So, I think I just have to stay. But that job is sooo tempting…