>Thanks to everyone who commented on my blog during the past week. I very much appreciate and value the support, and it’s so helpful to hear from other people that are in similar situations. It’s good to get other perspectives, too, from people who have moved on in one way or another. I don’t always have time to participate in ICLW, but I’m glad when I do.

I called my health insurance company this morning. They said that I need to get pre-authorization for infertility treatment, and that once that happens, they will send the approval on to my prescription company. Until then, they said, the prescription plan will deny it. I’m hoping he knew what he was talking about. I called my doctor’s office this morning and explained the situation, and they are going to have someone in the insurance office call me back. It’s a little frustrating, since they were supposed to request pre-authorization in October, but they didn’t. I am guessing they probably wait until they submit a claim that won’t be covered without the pre-authorization, but I need it now. When I talked to the nurse on Tuesday, she said something about pre-authorization, but she seemed to think it would all fall into place when I went to fill the prescription. I suppose that would be possible if my health insurance and prescription plan were from the same company, but they’re not. Instead, I’m trying to work with my doctor’s office and two separate companies, none of which are being horribly cooperative.

So, we’re waiting. I don’t know how long this whole process will take, so we have to decide if we’re willing to pay for the medication out of pocket. I don’t know if I have enough time to wait for all of this to pan out before my next cycle begins, and we’ve already skipped the last two cycles. I don’t want to miss another one!

At least it’s Friday! šŸ™‚