>A couple we used to know (not sure if I would say they’re friends or acquaintances at this point) had a baby over the weekend. We saw them last summer, and knew they were trying then. I was a little upset at the time, because she was talking about their ttc efforts and proclaimed that she would never pursue treatments or medications if she didn’t get pregnant. She said if it was meant to be, then it would happen. I wondered how she would feel if six months, or a year, or two years went by, and if she would change her mind. It turns out, though, that she got pregnant that very month – or already was and didn’t know it yet.

I guess it was “meant to be” for them, but what does that mean for us?

I’m not mad that they got pregnant and we didn’t, but it was hard to see their face.book posts over the weekend. When we saw them, we had already been trying for 8-9 months, and it was a little shocking to realize that much time had already passed. Seeing all their congratulatory posts on face.book was even harder, though, especially the ones that said that this would be the best time of their lives. It’s hard to see those, and to think that’s we’re missing out on something that we may not be able to have. I think back to the conversation we had last summer, and I wonder, why aren’t we “meant” to have that, too?