>I have had some issues with yeast lately, and I started taking acidophilus supplements to try to combat it. I had a yeast infection and a bacterial infection for the first time ever this year, and this week I got a yeast infection on my skin. It happened to me several years ago, so I knew what it was right away and was able to get a handle on it. I bought the acidophilus when I had a yeast infection earlier in the year, but I had stopped taking it when things seemed to clear up. I started taking it again this week when I developed this skin problem, and I am beyond happy to say that the supplement combined with tea tree oil has made it almost completely go away! I think I am going to keep taking the supplements.

This whole week, my stomach has been bloated. I feel fine, but the area below my abdomen is sticking out. Since I’m running 3 times a week and eating a pretty healthy diet, I’ve found the stomach issue a little frustrating. I’m not retaining water or anything anywhere else (like my fingers, for example), so it’s puzzling. I have been drinking wine this week, so at first I wondered if that was the issue. I’ve only had one glass a day, though, so it seems kind of odd that it would make such a difference (although it could). AF should arrive any day now, so that’s another possibility, but it seemed like it was something else.

I was at work yesterday, and it occured to me that the acidophilus could be doing it. I looked up the side effects, and it said abdomninal bloating can occur, but said that with continued use, it will go away. I sent a message to M., saying that I think I know why my stomach is sticking out a little. He wrote back right away and asked if I was pregnant. I explained that I thought it was the acidophilus – not that I was pregnant.

He brought it up a few times last night, and it made me wonder how he really feels about everything. He was a little hesitant to begin fertility treatments, and now with things so up in the air, doesn’t want to pursue them right now. I wonder, though, if he really understands that doing nothing may mean that we don’t ever have a child. Since they can’t figure out what’s preventing us from getting pregnant (other than the possibility of age), I wonder if he thinks it could still just happen. It could, I suppose, but the chances are so incredibly slim. We talk about it, and I feel like he gets it, but I just don’t know sometimes.

We watched Grey’s Anatomy last night, and it was very baby-focused. He said it was “topical.” It must have been on his mind a lot that day, because to me, it wasn’t any more topical than it would have been on any other day.

We talked – AGAIN – about the whole situation with us trying to move. M is afraid that with the current job market in his field, he won’t be able to get another job. His field has gotten really competitive, with hundreds of applications for every opening, and thousands of applications for highly-sought-after positions. We’re still going to give it a shot and continue to apply for some jobs, but maybe he’s right. It might just be bad timing, or his industry may have changed to the extent that there won’t BE a good time. We agreed that if we stay, we’ll revisit the whole baby-making situation when my job quiets down (hopefully after June). He was totally behind that idea – and it just makes me wonder how things will end up and what will end up being the right thing to do.