>I got my hair cut last night, and I’ve only been to this person for a hair cut a few times before. When she cut my hair in the fall, she told me about a friend of hers who just had twins. She seemed to bring up babies pretty frequently, and it made me wonder if she was ttc, just wanted to be ttc, or was dealing with infertility. Since I avoid the topic like the plague, I usually assume that people who are so willing to talk about babies are either ttc (but for a short period of time), or want to be.

Last night, the topic of babies and pregnancy came up a few times. I really started to wonder what was going on with my hair dresser…she obviously knows tons of people who are pregnant or have recently had babies, and she does seem aware of a lot of pregnancy and baby related things. I also found out we’re the same age – 35. Thinking back, she never said “When I have a baby” or “when I’m pregnant,” but instead seemed to lean toward saying “if.”

Now, it’s entirely possible that they don’t want children right now, or aren’t sure they ever will. It may be that she wants children badly, but her husband doesn’t. Or, she may be dealing with infertility.

It’s such an odd situation…I am certainly not going to ask her, and she’s never asked me. It makes me think about two things-

1. That there really is no getting away from infertility. Even if you’re not doing anything about it, and even if you’re feeling pretty much ok about it at that particular moment, it’s still there.

2. I wonder how many people I know are dealing with infertility. I’m not talking about good friends – because I know what’s going on with most of them – but I’m talking about newer friends, acquaintances, and coworkers. I wonder if people think the same thing about me?