>I live in a college town of about 150,000 people. The population could be larger depending on how large of a radius is used to include surrounding small towns, but I usually tell people that about 150,000 people live here. Several large cities are within driving distance, and that, combined with the fact that it’s also home to a large university, can make it feel larger or smaller than it really is, depending on the day.

The area overall is good for raising a family, and it seems like most people who live here are focused on families, children, etc. It’s sometimes made living here difficult, and I had some hopes that moving to a larger city would have helped lessen the feeling that we are not part of the club that everyone with children appears to belong to. I have no idea if this is true, and it isn’t necessarily specific to the area. Sometimes it just seems like I am the only infertile person living here, even though I know deep down that isn’t true.

Recently, though, I have come across things that have surprised me.

Two local mom-bloggers got together last year to create a website that is specifically geared toward moms. It includes information that, apparently, moms would find helpful, and contains a lot of information about the area. The authors were recently on the radio show that we listen to each morning, and I decided that afternoon to check it out. I have no idea why – I did once before, and there was nothing there for me. I’m not a mom, so the content wasn’t helpful, and if anything, it was depressing. Last week, though, I visited the site and saw they are now featuring a blog that’s focused on one couple’s struggle with infertility. I was stunned! While I was sad to read about this particular individual’s expereince, it meant so much to me that they included it. I don’t even know why I visited the web site, but I was glad I did!

I was surprised again by my small-ish town on Sunday, when they featured stories of women who dealt with infertility before having children in the newspaper. It was some kind of a mother’s day segment, and the last thing I expected to read about was infertility! They profiled three couples who dealt with various aspects of infertility before having children, and they recommended a book for people who are currently dealing with infertility. I wish they told the story of a couple remained childless (because of finances, unsuccessful treatment, etc.) or adopted, because it had a little bit of a happy – and not always realistic – ending feeling to it. But, I appreciated that they even included it, even if it wasn’t perfect.

Usually, I feel surrounded by mom’s night out, mom’s happy hour, mom’s day, and mom’s talk shows. It was nice to feel included.