I can never tell for sure if I'm overly sensitive to comments about children, or if there are just an obscenely large number of these types of comments in any given day.
Here are some examples from yesterday and today:
-A friend posted an advice column on facebook where a childless person asked why people with children were so busy that they could never call or return calls to their childless friends. The author (the advice-giver) then described how time consuming it is to have a child, how there's never any down time or time to relax, etc. There was nothing really wrong with it, except that the author seemed somehow offended by the question. She seemed to indicate that the fact that this person was even asking was somehow insulting or insensitive. It was unfortunate, because the article could have been sort of helpful, I suppose, and the person who posted it in facebook seemed to embrace that aspect of it. All her mom-friends posted their appreciation for the article, but their comments had a "if you only knew" air about them. That – and the fact that the author seemed annoyed that someone would even ask this type of question – annoyed me. Plus, I would take that kind of busy if it were possible…so far, it's not.
-We were watching tv last night and saw a commercial for a phone where they're using some kind of video chat to introduce an older man to his new grandson. He asks his son, "How's it feel to be a dad?" "Great," he replies. I think M swore at the tv.
-On the radio this morning (I've complained about the morning radio show numberous times, so I am almost immune to it now), they discussed "missed moments" for new parents – baby's first steps, first laugh, first haircut, etc. People called in to report their own missed moments with their children, and they were asked to also highlight the differences between a first and second shild. M asked if we should call in and say that our missed moment is getting pregnant.
Sometimes, it just seems like its inescapable. I know that part of it is that I'm sensitive about it (my stomach tightens as soon as I hear someone is pregnant), but it does sometimes seem like there are references to children everywhere.
I won't let it ruin my weekend, though! Have a great weekend. 🙂