>In April, I wrote about my hairdresser, and I wondered if she was ttc or dealing with infertility. I got my hair cut again yesterday, and she mentioned that she had to go the dr. for x-rays. She was telling me that she was mad because they made her get a pg test, even though she knew she wasn’t pregnant. She said that she had been married for 15 years, never used protection, and never got pregnant, so the chances of her being pregnant on that particular day were almost non-existent.

Part of me wanted to say, “I’m infertile, too!” but that somehow seemed so inappropriate. It would like saying, “I’m a runner too,” or “I also love that restaurant.” I felt like I should say something, but I was at a complete loss. She went on with her story, but I was stuck on the part where she said she had been unable to get pregnant. I almost wanted to make something up – a story where I could show that I could relate – but I just sat there. I wondered later what she thought – does she wonder if I’m infertile, too?