I was watching one of those shows on HGTV last night – either House Hunters or First-Time Homebuyers. The couple had been married for a year and was looking for a home. They said they wanted four bedrooms, and they wanted it in a family-friendly neighborhood, for when they decide to start a family. All I could think was, 'What if you try to have children, and can't have any? How will you feel then about your four bedroom house and family-friendly neighborhood?' I wasn't necessarily wishing ill will on them, but the expectation that anyone who wants to have children will be able to just kills me! M said he felt the same way. We laugh about it, but it does drive me a little crazy.
The wife kept saying that they wanted to settle into a new home and establish roots before they "expand." I know she meant 'expand our family,' but something about the phrase made me laugh. It sounded like she was talking about owning a business. Maybe I should start telling people that we had planned for an expansion, but it hasn't worked out. On the other hand, maybe they planned on gaining weight, and expanding that way? In that case, I don't see the need for four bedrooms. 🙂
M and I talked last night about our group of friends. We're older than most of them, and one of the couples is going to start ttc (and yes, we all know about it). The other couple already has a baby, and the third is getting married soon. We realized that before long, we'll be on our own.