>Some days, I feel I can really accept our situation…the reality that we won't have children, that I won't be a mom, that M won't be a dad, and that M's parents won't be grandparents. I don't like it, but I can face that it's a reality…our reality, right now.

Other days, I feel empty. I hate my job, and I don't feel fulfilled. I know what's missing, and I can't avoid it. Sometimes, I feel like I can deal with it, but then there are other days.

Some days, I feel like there are pregnant people everywhere I go. I went to Amazon.com for a new exercise video, but they kept advertising videos for pregnant people. I looked at the sale area on the website of an online store, and I ended up being in the area for maternity clothes.

I know we can handle this, but some days are harder than others.