I have been crazy busy lately and have been neglecting my blog. So, here's a quick update:
– My job is still totally insane
– I am still not pregnant, and I am hoping to not have any strange mid-cycle bleeding this month
– I love the way running has helped me change my view of my body as a failure, and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience of improving (except for today and yesterday, because I have a really sore leg)
– I have been avoiding my neighbors because I have a feeling the wife is pregnant, and I don't ever feel like I'm in the mood to be congratulatory
– M is soooo close to getting a job offer (in another state), and I am keeping everything crossed and hoping it happens!!! It's starting to make me a little crazy, but I can't stop thinking about it. The closer we get to this, the more we get our hopes up, and I'm so afraid of being disappointed. Wish us luck!!!