We're in full moving/packing/getting ready to move mode, and things are starting to feel more real! It's super exciting – and still a little scary – but right now, I'm trying to go with exciting and not worry so much.
It's interesting how now matter what you do, something related to infertility always comes up. Some of them are unspoken…we're looking for a place to live and don't want to be surrounded by children, I don't really care to be within walking distance of an elementary school, and I don't really care how "family-friendly" the neighborhood is. We're assuming I'll look for a job, and get one, and won't be pregnant at any point in the interview process. We are looking at two bedroom apartments because we truly want a guest room, and we don't even mention or consider the possibility that it could be a nursery.
For some reason, people seem to assume that moving is a good opportunity to have children. Yesterday, my outrageously pregnant co-worker asked me what I would do when we moved. I said I would look for a job, and get one, I hope! She said 'maybe this would be a good chance for you to have a baby!' She looked so excited, and while I was tempted to explain that as far as we can tell, I can't have children, I just didn't have the energy or the heart to do it. I told M about it, and he said one of his coworkers/friends said something similar. Now, this person actually knows we've been trying, but he and his wife had children easily, and he probably just doesn't realize how much time has passed. I think he said something like 'maybe you'll have a baby!' M said 'probably not.' I guess the guy said 'you don't know…anything could happen!' and M said 'I think we DO know.'
It amazes me, though, how now matter what you do, infertility is really inescapable.
We're still super excited, though!