Moving has been consuming my life, and I haven't been posting as much as I should. It's easy to forget how involved it is to figure out a long distance move, but we are getting there!
I know I have thought of things I wanted to write about here, but moving details have taken over, and I can't remember what they are now. We're both super excted about our move, though, and I think it's going to really work well for us in the long run. Leaving where we live is hard…we got married here, bought our first place together here, and have been genuinely happy. I don't have a lot of close friends here (everyone we know seems to end up moving away!), but it's been a nice place to live. I just can't imagine us here in the long term, though, and I think it's good that M took an opportunity when it was presented to him. For one thing, we would each pretty much be stuck working for our current employers indefinitely. We both do pretty specific things, and there aren't any options outside of where we work now for employment in the area. That in itself is a little wierd, but would have been sort of tolerable (maybe). It's been strange to live somewhere that some many of our friends have left, and it's mainly because they wanted to live in a bigger city. Most of the people we know who have stayed are either ttc or already have children. This is a smaller town, though, and while I can appraciate the whole family-friendly aspect of it, it can be a tough place for someone who doesn't have children. Most people we know either have families in the area or have families themseleves, and we end up a little like outcasts. It hasn't been terrible by any means, but I think a bigger city might be at least a little easier. And, if not, that's ok, too.
It's exciting to be going somewhere new, and I feel like we're starting a new chapter of our lives. When I moved here, M and I were dating, and I really didn't know what was ahead for us. We got married, bought a home, tried to have a baby, dealt with infertility, and we are still whole. And now, we're moving on!
I'll try to post more frequently, but if I don't, it's because I'm packing, cleaning, or driving. 🙂