>I had my acupuncture appointment today! I think it went pretty well, and I really liked the acupuncturist. I wasn't sure what to focus on during my first appointment, but she did (as many of you predicted!) say that she had a feeling that my allergies and infertility were related. She asked if I wanted her to focus on one thing today, but I was unsure. I mean, I'd like to get pregnant, but I'd also like to get rid of the stuffy nose. My allergies were not too bad today, anyway, so that also made it a little hard to answer. She said that today she would focus on sort of overall immunity and getting things balanced, but she did do a few things specific to each issue. It didn't hurt (although the needles in my face made my sinuses feel weird), and I've felt sort of relaxed and almost sleepy ever since. I was going to exercise tonight, but I think I may just take the night off.

She asked if my allergies were worse at certain times in my cycle, and I really have never noticed! It was such an interesting question, though, because I was just saying this week that there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to what makes my allergies worse. They do a pollen and allergy report and forecast on the news here, and there was 0 correlation between high pollen and mold days and the days that my allergies felt the worst. The acupuncturist said some women's hormones trigger an allergic reaction, which can hamper infertility. While it may or may not be true in my case, I did find it especially interesting that she said it was almost like an auto-immune response. Auto-immune issues are huge in my family, so it resonated with me.

I decided to initially have four sessions, since she has a package deal where you pay for three and get one free. She said I should come once a week at first, and she also wanted to see my bbt charts. She said that for infertility, she usually recommends three months of treatment, so I'll probably give it a try for three months. It's sort of strange, but for some reason, I feel kind of positive about it. I know it may not work, but I keep thinking how amazing it would be if it did! I never felt that way about my cycles on Clomid, so maybe I am on the right track. I had really pretty much given up on the idea that we would ever have a child, but taking a new approach is making me feel like it's a possibility. I know it's not a guarantee, but it could happen!