>Thanks to those of you who commented yesterday about my job prospects and the decision I had to make. I emailed the prospective new employer and asked to be removed from the search, so now I can put it behind me. When I was talking to M today, I realized that since I have known him, I have gone from one crazy job to another. I started three jobs in the last five years, and each one began in a state of chaos. My current job began the same way, but it’s not so bad now. Plus, working from home makes a lot of problems at work seem more distant. Anyway, we agreed that I really don’t need to be throwing myself into yet another situation filled with chaos, and we’re both comfortable with my decision. I think it’s the right one – and I think it’s always a good idea to follow your instincts.

In other news, my temperature was crazy high (for me) this morning! I feel like that’s a good thing, especially since the acupuncturist was concerned about my crazy and sometimes low post-O temperatures. I still had a pretty significant dip two mornings ago, but it makes me happy when I see them going in the right direction. I still feel like my chart is off overall, though, because I started temping so late in the cycle. We’ll see, I suppose.