>This cycle has been interesting so far. It’s my first full cycle while taking vitex and getting acupuncture, and there’s definitely a big shift from last cycle. Some things are the same…my bbt still has some pretty big fluctuations, and I still have the ability to confuse fertility friend. It initially said I ovulated on Thursday, but my temp dropped so low this morning that once again (much like last cycle), it took the ovulation line away. If I did ovulate on Thursday, it would be really early for me – CD 11. Last month, I didn’t ovulate until somewhere around CD 19, so that’s a huge difference. Who knows if I really did O on CD 11 – I guess only time will tell – but it’s definitely earlier. I did buy some opk’s for this cycle, but I was out of town on CD 8-11 and didn’t bring them with me. Since I didn’t O until CD 19 last cycle, I thought that would be fine, but my body likes to surprise me, and I noticed EWCM on CD 10 and 11. I used an opk when I woke up on Friday (CD 12), and it was positive (by the way, I got clear blue digital opk’s – and they are awesome!), but it’s possible that it would have been positive on CD 9 or 10 if I had been able to use it then. So, it’s confirmation that I O’d somewhere around then – and the way my chart looks right now – it probably was on CD 11 – but only time will tell. Traveling and being totally exhausted hasn’t helped anything, and I’m curious to see how many times FF will move my O date.

I had to take a break from acupuncture last week because of my trip, but I’ll be back to it tomorrow. I keep trying to figure out if it’s helping, and it’s hard to say. I think it is – if nothing else, I do feel all around more relaxed – but I feel like maybe it’s helping in other ways, too. It’s hard to know if it’s helping or if I just want it to be helping.

If I did O on CD 11, our timing was really off. I didn’t get home until 1 am on CD 11, so we missed that day, and the four days prior – not ideal. I figure, though, that acupuncture and herbs are getting my body ready and making it work the way it’s supposed to (if they’re doing anything at all)- which will last months – not one cycle. If our timing was poor last month, maybe we’ll catch it next cycle. I definitely don’t feel the same level of pressure that I did while taking Clomid (although I am spending a lot more money).

I am in the middle of changing my insurance, and I’ve decided that when it’s all finalized (I seem to be paying for the new insurance already, but it will take 4-6 weeks to get new id cards), I’ll make an appointment to see the doctor my acupuncturist recommended. In the meantime, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.