>I had another acupuncture appointment today. The acupuncturist still believes it’s possible that I have some kind of a cyst or “blockage” (and I think she means blockage in the literal sense – not in acupuncture terms), so she seemed relieved that I’m taking steps to see a doctor. She said she doesn’t think it’s absolutely the case, or that I have something serious to worry about, but she did think it would be a good idea – if for nothing else than to rule it out as a problem. I was glad to get back to acupuncture this week, though. I missed going last week!

My acupuncturist lives in a neighborhood that I really like. We’ve only found two or three neighborhoods that we really like and can afford since we moved, and she lives in our favorite one. When I am headed home after my acupuncture appointment, I always imagine myself living there – with our little family. We’d like to live there whether or not we end up having children (it’s family friendly, but not totally family-centric, like some neighborhoods where we’d feel out of place without children), but I like imagining us there, with a baby who would grow up there, as I’m driving home. It’s like imagining my dream life.