>I hate the last few days before AF is supposed to show up. The waiting really doesn’t get to me until that last day or two, and then my mind wanders. The what if’s invade my mind, and it gets harder to ignore them.

I knew this month would be a long shot – or close to no shot – because of my surprise early ovulation and travel for work. My bbt chart has also been less than stellar, and my temperatures are pretty erratic. So, I haven’t been holding out much hope.

I have been pretty happy, though, about the positive effects of herbs and acupuncture (I’ll ignore the erratic temps for now). Regardless of what happens this cycle, I have had no spotting, and that is definitely a change for the better. I’m 12 dpo today, and if I can get through the rest of the day without spotting, that will be an improvement over previous cycles. I’ve never ever had an lp longer than 12 days, so if AF still doesn’t show up by tomorrow, I’ll have a decision to make. FF is saying to test tomorrow, but we’ll see. I think I’ll see how my temperature looks in the morning and go from there. I was surprised to see that it went up today (which did make me get my hopes up a tiny bit), but if it’s back down tomorrow, I may not bother. If it’s up, then I might.

Regardless of what happens tomorrow, though, I feel like things are moving in the right direction!